How to Install an ActiveX Mypoints Toolbar

by Kayla Lowe

MyPoints is an online program where you can sign up and get points for buying from certain merchants online. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you are offered your choice of an award according to which ones you are eligible for based on your points. The MyPoints toolbar allows you to surf the web from it and it displays your MyPoints on it increase as you shop, so it’s convenient for MyPoints users. However, in order to install the MyPoints toolbar, you have to install an ActiveX control before the download will begin.


Click on the “Download MyPoints” toolbar link. A long, thin, horizontal, yellow bar appears at the top of your Internet browser prompting you to allow the ActiveX control.


Right-click on the bar to cause two options to appear.


Click on “Install ActiveX Control.” Your download prompt pops up. Click “Run” and then follow the steps in the installation wizard to install the MyPoints toolbar on your computer.


  • check Use this same process when prompted to accept any ActiveX control.


  • close Only install ActiveX controls from websites that you trust, because there are ActiveX controls out there that can harm your computer. Consider doing research on the website before you trust it to install it.

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