How to Find The Best Independent News Websites On The Internet

by braniac

There is a lot of news on the internet, but if it all seems the same, there should be no surprise. Most of the mainstream sites pull from the same sources, and have the same stories. There are other quality sources that can get you a different perspective on issues and stories.

The first website is Project Censored at This is a great site that was founded in 1976. It is a media research program that supports free speech, open conversations and differing opinions.

The next website is FAIR at . This group was founded in 1986, and created to focus on First amendment rights, freedom of speech. FAIR criticises censorship and applauds open and free journalism. It is a great site with lots of different views.

Next is Media Lens. Media Lens can be found at . Media Lens is an advocate for free press and is strongly against corporate media and news coverage that most people subscribe to.

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