How to to Increase Your Internet Presence -- Seven Methods

by Contributor

You have a Website or blog that is full of valuable information or a great product. You have spent many hours designing your site. Day after day, you check your clicking statistics only to find that nobody, except you or maybe a few friends have visited your site. You visit numerous sites, sites that have a great deal of traffic, and find that your site is just as informative, or has great information, just as they do. So why are you drawing few visitors to your site?

You may have tons of information or loads of products, but you don't have Internet presence, meaning that someone knows you’re there. How do you get this Internet presence? By Screaming. No matter what product or service you’re trying to sell, numerous Websites and blogs sell the same product; some successful, some not so successful. The one difference that determines their success or failure are the viewers and customers. You must use every tool available for as many people as possible to view your site. Have links to your site plastered in as many places on the Web as possible.


Write and submit articles to numerous article directories. Submitting articles to numerous directories has proven to be a very effective method of drawing traffic to a website or blog. Well-written articles with a topic people are searching for can draw a large amount of viewers. The ability to "plug" your site in the Author Bio is a great way to forward the interested reader to your site. Once the reader feels he can rely upon your information, he’ll want more.


Join a manual traffic exchange, which is a website that provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. Traffic exchanges include EasyHits4u (, Traffic-Splash ( and StartXchange (


Join a free advertising network, such as Entrecard ( If you have the extra time to spend "dropping" your card on other members, Entrecard can definitely increase your traffic.


Join forums related to your subject. By posting your opinions, making comments and placing a link to your site with your Signature, you can increase traffic.


Join a social network, such as Twitter ( A community of "What I Did Today" allows you to acquire friends and "plug" your articles, blog or website.


Leave comments on blogs. All webmasters read the comments made on their posts. Place your link to your website in your comment. This allows the webmaster and others reading the comment to visit your site.


Join blogging communities. Bloggers like to check out "the other guy.” Many bloggers rate other blogs, get pointers from others, make comments and swap links.

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