How to Increase Your Income in 12 Easy Ways

by braniac

Everyone is looking for ways to increase your income, follow these steps and you will have more money coming your way.

Sell Things You No Longer Need.... Are things that you no longer need or use cluttering up your home? Then, turn them into cash. Sell any items of value on EBay, in the newspaper classifieds or at a consignment store. Then, have a yard sale to sell the rest.

Get Paid for Your Time Online.... Did you know that there are companies that will pay you to read e-mails, to do web searches and to complete other online activities? It's true. Sign up with several of them, and get paid for the time that you spend online. Check out my blog for a list of companies to consider.

Get Paid to Take Surveys.... Turn your opinions into cash by answering online surveys. Just sign up with several survey sites, and wait for the survey invitations to roll in.

Have Your Car Wrapped.... Do you spend a lot of time on the road? Then, consider turning your car into a rolling billboard. Many companies-big and small-are willing to pay to have your car "wrapped" with their advertisements.

Earn Money from Hobbies.... Hobbies usually cost money, but that doesn't have to be the case. Find ways to turn your favorite past time into a source of income, and enjoy playing for profit.

Bank for Profit.... Many banks - on and off line - offer cash incentives for opening a new account (anywhere from $25 to over $100). Take advantage of these offers, and turn banking into a more lucrative experience.

Blog.... Have knowledge that you'd like to share with the world? Then set up a blog, and put in the work to monetize it. Directory of Advertising Opportunities for Bloggers Earn Money Through Advertisements on Your Blog How to Earn Money from Your Blog (Other Than Using Ads)

Get a Paper Route.... Paper routes aren't just for kids with bicycles any more. If you have a reliable vehicle and a need or desire to boost your income by several hundred dollars a week, a newspaper route could be the answer. Talk to your local newspaper to find out what routes they have available in the area.

Tutor.... Are you a math whiz? A grammar pro? A chemistry master? Then, become a tutor, and transform your knowledge into a paycheck. Just advertise where parents are likely to look - on campuses, at the library, in the newspaper - and you'll soon build a list of clients.

Deliver Phone Books.... Someone's got to deliver all those phone books, and it may as well be you. Contact your local phone company to find out what you need to do to apply for the job. Then, hussle those books from door to door for some extra green. *Note:* Often phone companies will place an insert in with your phone bill to announce their need for deliverers. Keep an eye out for this advertisement, and act quickly when you see it.

Become a Mystery Shopper.... Like to shop? Yep, you can get paid to do that too. Sign up to become a mystery shopper, and turn your trips to the mall into a source of income.

Recycle.... Your trash can or cluttered garage could be yet another source for money. Aluminum, steel and many other materials can be recycled for profit - now, that's good news for your bank account and the environment.


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