What Are Web Impressions?

by Luke Arthur

When keeping track of website traffic, you will come across many different terms that provide you with various information about your site. One of the terms you may see is "Web impressions." Web impressions are the number of times a particular page is accessed by visitors online.

Web Impressions

Web impressions is a term that simply tells you the total number of times a page is visited. In some cases, people refer to Web impressions as hits. When looking at the Web impressions of a page, it simply tells you the total number of times a page was open and does not take into consideration who is looking at the page or whether they are a first-time visitor. This is not the most detailed statistic, but it does help you get an idea of how many times your page is being viewed.


The term "impression" is often used in the context of online advertising. Many advertising programs charge a certain amount for 1000 impressions. This metric is referred to as CPM, or cost per 1000 impressions. If you want to advertise on your website, you can pay an advertising program for a certain amount of impressions. You do not pay for how many people visit your site, but only for the amount of times people see your ad.

Cost Per Click vs. Impression

When advertising online, advertising programs often give you the choice of paying for cost per click or cost per impression. For example, Google AdWords allows you to choose which method you want to use when advertising your site. If you choose cost per click, you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. With cost per impression, you pay when your ad is displayed. Depending on what type of product or site you are promoting, one method may be more appropriate for you than the other.

Website Statistics

If you are a webmaster, looking at your website statistics can provide you with many different numbers to view. The Web impressions is not the same statistic as many of the other items that will be displayed. Most statistics show you the number of impressions as well as the number of visitors and the number of unique visitors. The visitors simply tells you how many people access your site during a given period of time. Impressions tells you the number of pages that were viewed.

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