How to Import Images to Picasa

by James Kinkade

Picasa is a free photo editing and management system offered by Google. It is an effective tool that helps you manage all the images found on your computer. You can edit images, create slide-shows, and even post them online for private or public viewing.This article explains how to import images into Picasa, which is the first step toward sharing photos online.

Import images

Connect your camera or other device to a usb port on your computer.

Open Picasa and click on the Import Picture button in the top left corner of the application. This opens the import panel.

Select the device from which you want to import your images.

Select all, or highlight the images you want to import. To select all, use CTRL + A on your computer keyboard. To select a range of images, hold the shift on your keyboard then click on the first and last images in the range. To select multiple images that are not together, hold the CTRL key and click each image you want to select.

Click import all, or import selected at the bottom right of the import panel.


  • check If you don't see your camera or other device listed in the import panel, make sure that it is installed and connected properly.

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