Free Grammar Checker Tools

by Rock Owens

Writing with good grammar is a must if you want to communicate clearly. Even if you have forgotten the grammar rules from high school English class and the thought of learning them again turns your stomach like the food in the high school cafeteria, you can find many free grammar checkers on the Internet to help you clarify your writing.

Online or Download?

Decide if you want to cut and paste your text directly into a web browser or if you want to download a program to run on your desktop. Some websites provide both online grammar checkers and programs for download. Pasting your text into a web browser is quick and easy, but it works best with a small block of text. If your text has many errors, you will need to edit your source by hand or copy and paste the text back into your source file. On the other hand, if you download a grammar checker, you can run it on your source directly. You also make changes to your source directly where the grammar checker highlights the errors.


The websites listed below in the Resources section have easy-to-use grammar checkers. Simply copy your text into the text box on any of the web sites below and view the results. If you edit your text directly in the web site's text window, you will need to copy and paste your edited text back into your source file. You could also make edits in your source file by cross-checking it with the results in the web site's text window.


To download a free grammar checker from a website that does not provide web-based grammar checking, try Ginger Software, Grammar Slammer, and Grammar Check Anywhere. While these sites provide free trial versions, you will have to pay for the full versions.

Your Word Processor

Many commercial and open source word processor programs also contain grammar checkers at no additional cost. Search for "grammar checker" in the help for your program to learn whether your word processor has a grammar checker.

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