How to Make a Good Website Design

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If you were to ask 15 people to define what website design is you will most likely get 15 different answers. Website design means different things to different people. A computer programmer is going to see website design quite differently than a graphic artist would. However, there are some common features of all good website designs.

Place only good content on your website. A good website design begins and ends with the content on the site. No one is going to stay on your website if the content is not useful, compelling, or interesting. Your page should be a unique experience for visitors and should not be the same as every other website out there. There is no way that you will keep traffic coming to your site if your content is not appealing.

Don't have any annoying or unappealing images or backgrounds on your website. Your website doesn't have to be some sort of artistic masterpiece, but it also should not give people headaches when they look at it. You know that you have all seen those types of websites that you can't look at for more than 30 seconds without getting dizzy or having to squint. When coming up with your website design, be sure that you don't have any annoying backgrounds or unappealing features like clashing colors or unreadable text.

Make things easy to find. Not everyone who uses the Internet is computer savvy. In fact the majority of people who are looking for information on the Internet are totally computer savvy. If you want people to keep coming back to your website, you need to make is so that everything is easy to find. Even if you do attract computer savvy people to your site, they don't want to waste time having to look around to find what they need.

Keep your website design consistent. Again, it doesn't matter what color scheme or theme you choose, but make sure that you keep it consistent throughout your whole website. Your website design should not differ from one page to the next. This only confuses your visitors. Also, place common features such as links to other sites or the contact information in the same place from page to page.

Make your visitors feel welcome. If you want to keep people coming back to your website, you need to roll out that welcome mat to them. Be sure to include feedback forms and a contact page in your website design so that you readers can get in contact with you easily. Reach out to your readers and listen to their ideas and feedback.


  • check To have a good website design you don't have to have anything overly extravagant, in fact keeping it simple and clean works best most of the time.

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