How to Get a Refurbished iPhone

by Contributor

Whether an Apple iPhone is your social statement, a must-have style accessory or simply a phone option with the design and functionality that best fits your lifestyle, a refurbished model may be the most cost effective way for you to check the iPhone off of your wish list. Here are the easiest ways to procure a refurbished iPhone.

Regularly visit the "Special Deals" area of the Apple Store by following our link in the Resources section. Click the "Refurbished iPhone" tab to check availability.

Call or visit your local authorized Apple dealer as authorized dealers are likely to acquire refurbished products before regular retailers.

Purchase a refurbished model through an online marketplace like Amazon. Amazon lists pricing for new, used and refurbished models. Simply click the "New and used" underlined blue link and select the "Refurbished" tab to review a list of refurbished models, prices and sellers.

Bid for a refurbished model through an online auction site. Keep in mind that many sellers on auction sites, unlike authorized dealers or the Apple Store, may not offer a return policy should you decide, after you win an auction, that you would rather own a new or different model. Check with the seller before bidding and also review the seller's "Feedback Score" to see whether other bidders have had a positive experience with the seller you are considering.