How to Get Internet Via Satellite Dish in Canada

by Contributor

Are you in Canada and desperate to be on high speed? Many rural areas in Canada are still not ready technically for DSL or high-speed Internet access. Having the option of satellite Internet service in Canada can help people surf faster, download bigger files and surf while talking on the telephone. Until recently, it was very difficult to get satellite Internet in Canada.

Search for an Internet satellite provider in Canada by looking at Canadian companies offering this service. Companies like Galaxy Broadband and Highspeedsat offer services to homes in Canada offering access to American services. Some allowing high speed to be installed at your home or business or on your mobile home as well. There are several providers listed who will secure service for you and rent or sell you the equipment you need, install it at your home and will provide access to an Internet Service Provider.

Check availability and pricing for plans available in your area. Ask for quotations based on the equipment purchase fees, lease fees as well as the monthly subscription rates, bandwidth levels for uploading and downloading and contract length times.

Check to see if your existing computer is compatible with the equipment the satellite Internet provider is planning to use. Most will offer you a list of system requirements with the quotation or will post minimum system requirements on their web site.

Choose your provider and ask for a firm quotation, an appointment date and for details about what fees are required at the time the installation occurs. The person using the service the most or the most technical person in the house should be home for the appointment so the use and directions for using the system are completely understood and can be communicated to other Internet users in the home or business.

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