How to Create a Free Website Using Weebly

by Virginia DeBolt

Weebly is easy to use, provides free tools and free hosting, and will create a website in almost no time.

Weebly isn't the answer if you want a professional site that is valid and accessible. However, if you want something quick and free and don't really care what's going on in the code behind the scenes, you can make a website using weebly.

Open an account with (see link below). You can immediately click Create a Site and get started.

The weebly editing tools

The editing tools are simple drag and drop. Pick one of the Designs. Then choose from Elements to find things to add to your pages. Create new pages under the Pages menu. And fill in the information about your site in Settings.

When you've added all the text, pages, photos, or other elements you want, click Publish. The first time you publish, you must decide whether to publish on the weebly site (if you added a blog, you must choose this one for the blog to work) using a URL like I made a test site at (see link below).

Weebly will also let you buy a domain name or publish a site to a domain you already own. These two options involve purchasing and setting up a domain with a domain registrar, then making sure that weebly has the information about where to publish your web pages.

When logged in, weebly's homepage shows you your sites.

Once your site has been published the first time, you can sign in to weebly and edit it at any time. All the sites you have at weebly will show up on the weebly homepage when you log in. Simply click Edit Site and you're ready to modifiy or add pages.

Items you will need

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