How to View a DOR File Extension

by Allison Melman

A DOR, or digital organizer, is a file made by the Digital Diary software created by Microsoft for use on the Windows 7 operating system. While you can create TXT files from the Digital Diary, DOR files do not require text to display. If you are sent a DOR file by someone and need to view it, you can do so as long as you have the correct tool.


Download the Digital Diary software trial for Windows 7.


Install the Digital Diary onto your computer by extracting it and following the installation wizard.


Launch the Digital Diary software.


Click on the drop-down File menu and select "Open File." Browse your computer to find the DOR file you want to view.


  • check You can also double-click on the DOR file to bring up a menu that will allow you to open the Digital Diary.

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