How to Display Server Information on the Desktop

by Jim Campbell

Network administrators like to place system information on a server desktop, so they can quickly view server resources and information without looking up technical specifications for the machine. Microsoft provides the ability to list the information on the desktop using the internal "BGInfo" application. This is an application freely distributed on Microsoft's website. You simply place the executable file in the server's "Startup" directory and the information is displayed each time you boot.

Download the "BGInfo" application from Microsoft's website (See Resources) and extract the zip file on your server's desktop. The zip file only contains one executable, which is the main file placed in the startup directory.

Click the server's "Start" button. Click "All Programs" and then right-click "Startup." Select "Explore." This opens the startup directory for the server.

Right-click the "BGInfo.exe" file in the zip folder you downloaded and select "Copy." Right-click the opened window from Step 2 and select "Paste." This places the file in the startup directory.

Reboot your computer. Login to the server once again. The server's information is now listed on the desktop.


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Jim Campbell has been a computer engineer for over five years. He excels in hardware repair, computer programming and troubleshooting, and software design. He is currently attending Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a master's degree in computer and electrical engineering and fine-tuning his technical writing abilities.

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