Definition of a Web Page Theme

by Katelyn Kelley

A theme refers to the design of the web page. It's a way to coordinate all the elements that go into making the web page so that they complement one another and reinforce the site's subject matter. When a web page theme works well, it presents a pleasing aesthetic to the viewer, keeps his interest and gives him a clear impression about the the website's contents. When you download a website template, it is usually built around a certain theme or website purpose.


Soft Peach and Pastel Colors Reinforce the

Color on the web is very important. It's probably the first thing a viewer notices about the page. If the colors complement one another and work well together, they give a positive impression to the viewer. If the colors clash, are too bright or leave the text hard to read, they will make the viewer find the site unpleasant. Therefore, he will not likely spend very much time on your site.


All the pages in your website should have a similar layout. That doesn't mean they need to be carbon copies of one another. However, as a viewer moves from page to page, he should find that major elements of the site, such as the logo, banner and large content blocks, remain in the same position. This helps his eye to locate the information more quickly. Otherwise, he is left hunting for content because it isn't where he expected it to be. This wastes time and detracts from a pleasing website experience.


Of all the elements of a website theme that must be consistent, navigation is most important. This is how viewers get around the website. If the navigation changes from page to page, the viewer will quickly become confused and frustrated and will probably leave the site in search of an easier one to use. Navigation should also coordinate with the color theme of the site design-wise so that it doesn't distract from the content of the website.


It is imperative that web content be readable in order to be useful. If the font or typeface used on the page is blurry, distorted or in any way tiring to the eye, the viewer will look elsewhere for his information. Choose fonts that are designed for online reading. These are not necessarily the same fonts used for easier print reading, although some might cross over. See Resources for a link to suggested website fonts.


Template for a Spiritual Website

Pre-made templates make the task of designing a web theme easier because the template designer has already done the work. All you need to do is fill in the contents. Templates combine colors, graphics, navigation and font selection into one easy-to-use package. You can, of course, customize the template after you start using it, but try to remember that the designer had a reason for creating the template the way it is and altering any aspect of it other than content areas could interfere with the website theme it represents.

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