How to Create a Free Website & Get Paid

by Carl Hose

The Internet has opened commercial doors for people from all walks of life. The revenue-generating possibilities are substantial, with new opportunities coming every year. Internet advertising revenue hovered around $21 billion in 2007 and 2008 and was expected to surpass that number in 2009. These advertising dollars are there for anyone who learns how to create a free, successful website to take advantage of the advertising revenue generated online.

Choose a free website host. Often your Internet provider may offer this service, or you can find another free web hosting service (see Resources). Make sure your host offers enough storage space to create a fairly decent web page. A website with 100 mb of storage space isn't going to give you much room to work. Get familiar with the publishing tools your prospective website host offers. These are the tools you will use to design and create your website. You want tools that offer you flexibility in the layout and design of your website, as well as tools that make uploading the files for your website simple. Most free web hosts offer these tools as standard features.

Decide on the content of your website. The ability you have to attract advertisers to your website will be based on your ability to attract huge numbers of visitors to your website. Think of topics that will interest the widest possible audience. You're not making a website for your entertainment; you're making a website that will generate revenue. Self-help websites in areas such as "how to gain financial freedom" or "how to make money doing (insert subject)" are popular. Websites that offer just about anything free are also big crowd-pleasers. Pick a topic, or several topics, that will bring traffic to your website.

Sell advertising space. Once you have a proven track record of a large number of visitors to your website on a daily basis, use your website to advertise space on your website. Track the number of visitors to your website with a free tracker, something most free web hosts provide.

Advertise your website wherever you can to increase traffic. Include a link to your website in every email you send out. Visit search engine homepages and submit your website. Use strong keywords in the keyword form in your web design tools.

Use Google Adsense. You can sign up for an account free, and Google will place advertisements on your website that match your content. This strengthens the likelihood that visitors to your website will click on the ads, which in turn earns money for you and for Google.

Sell an original product on your website. If you're an artist, offer your sketches and paintings for sale. If you write, sell e-book versions of your books. Offer some free content to entice visitors into purchasing your products as well.

About the Author

Carl Hose is the author of the anthology "Dead Horizon" and the the zombie novella "Dead Rising." His work has appeared in "Cold Storage," "Butcher Knives and Body Counts," "Writer's Journal," and "Lighthouse Digest.". He is editor of the "Dark Light" anthology to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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