How to Create a Landing Page for ClickBank Promotion

by Nicole Thomas

Clickbank works by having vendors list their products, mainly ebooks, and share a percentage of the sales with their affiliates -- individuals who help bring in those sales. Vendors help affiliates by supplying images of the product, general sales copy and specific keywords to use on the affiliates' landing pages. These pages contain a link that sends customers to the vendor's pitch page, helping to increase sales. To create an effective landing page, you must include a convincing headline, images of the product, a list of product benefits, the price, testimonials and a "Buy Now" button.

Purchase a domain name that reflects the product you're trying to sell. Instead of paying for expensive web hosting, link that domain to a page on a free site you've already built or forward it to a blog you've created on a platform such as Blogger. Free sites such as, and can be used to market an array of products.

Write a compelling heading or a call to action at the top of the page. This call to action must grab your reader's attention but not be too large that it's a distraction. Use a font that's between 16 and 18 points in size. Make it stand out by bolding the font or by making it a different color. A good call to action if you're selling a weight loss product might look something like this: "Lose 20 Pounds Fast." Right there, your readers know what this product or ebook can do for them.

Include a photo of the product and the possible results of buying the item. Play around with image placement to see whether placing it on the left or right side looks better.

Write a list of bullet points that outlines the effects or usefulness of the vendor's product. Make your landing page easy to read by using these bullet points, or very short paragraphs under subheadings, instead of using long paragraphs. This allows readers to scan the content of your site to find what they're most interested in.

Include some customer testimonials, if available from the vendor. Never write fake testimonials.

Add the price toward the top of the page, under your bullet points. This allows readers to decide if they want to keep going. Avoid writing a long landing page where individuals need to scroll down two or three times to reach the call to action.

Place a "Buy Now" button under your price tag and another at the bottom of your landing page. Add a link on your "Buy Now" button that connects customers directly to the ClickBank vendor's product pitch page.

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