How to Create a Million Dollar Ad Revenue Website

by Lizz Shepherd

Many websites have reached the million-dollar-per-year threshold from their ad revenue. This generally requires the site to be large, informative and to have some type of social aspect to keep readers coming back again and again. New information that is added daily is an essential component as well. To keep readers and to sell advertising, you must include on your website several incentives for readers to visit your site.

Create a site that is in tune with what people want to hear about. To get a better idea about the most popular topics, look at (see Resources below). This shows what people are searching for the most. By studying these pages regularly, you may be inspired to create a site that will be widely searched. Overall patterns such as the popularity of celebrity gossip can make sites million-dollar-ad-revenue sites. is a gossip blog updated at least 15 times each day with gossip about popular celebrities.

Create a site that lets readers interact with the site and with one another. Sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon and MySpace are enormous, and they attract members and readers because of their social aspects. Builders of informational sites and blogs have also made the effort in recent years to create a sense of community in order to keep readers coming back. Your site can be a forum for members or a comments area for each page. As your site attracts more readers each day, you can charge higher ad fees from your advertisers.

Have traffic-tracking software in place so that you know your exact traffic figures. The rate that advertisers will pay for a spot on your site often depends on the traffic levels each month.

Sign up with (see Resources below) to take advantage of your site's traffic numbers. These sites have a number of advertisers who are looking for popular sites that will display their ads prominently. Keep signing advertisers and building your traffic so that you can raise rates regularly. Eventually, your site could make $1 million in ad revenue.