How to Create a Database Web Page

by Bennett Gavrish

Although web designers usually use programming languages like HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to build webpages, businesses or individuals with large amounts of content to put online should create database webpages. To start building database websites, you need to download and install two outside programs onto your web server: MySQL and PHP. Once set up, these programs allow you to connect your webpages to databases and interact with your content.

Go to the MySQL homepage (see Resources) and download and install MySQL 5.1 onto your active web server. MySQL is an open source database program that will store the content for your webpage.

Go to the PHP homepage (see Resources) and download PHP version 5.2.8 onto your web server. PHP is a server-side scripting language that allows code to be embedded into HTML files.

Add desired tables and fields to your online database using the MySQL web interface. Once MySQL has been installed on your server, you will be able to access the interface through any standard web browser.

Add desired records to your database, using the MySQL web interface and making sure to include all necessary fields. Once the database website has been set up with PHP, entries can be added using your webpage instead of logging in to the web interface.

Open a new document in your web editing application and create a link between your webpage and your MySQL database, using the "define" PHP command.

Add PHP code to your webpage to perform database functions, such as searching, adding records and deleting records. Use the "mysql_query" PHP command to interact with your database.

Save the PHP webpage onto your active web server. This will allow the website code to communicate with the MySQL database.

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