How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate Online

by Anna Green

Most states allow you to order birth certificates online if you are requesting your own birth certificate or your child's. You will need to go through your individual state's website to request a birth certificate, but many states have outsourced vital records processing to private companies. To ensure the security of your information, only use vital records processing services recommended by your state's official website.

Go to the website for the state in which you were born. Begin by searching for the state name and the phrase "vital records."

Locate your state's requirements for requesting a birth certificate. Generally, you may only request your own birth certificate or that of your child when using online processing.

Compile information about the person listed on the birth certificate. On the online application, you will need to list the subject's full name at birth, current name, date and city of birth and your relationship to the person on the certificate.

Prove your identity. You may need to include your driver's license number and Social Security number when you submit your request.

Pay the processing fees. Specific costs will vary by state, but you will need to pay for the birth certificate by credit card when you order it online. Processing generally takes 2 weeks, but rush service is available for an extra fee.


  • check You may request your own marriage and divorce records, using the same process.

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