How to Make a Club Website

by Jeffrey Ober

Everyone who has a club has a web page, don't they? So why don't you? Making a web page for your club can be lots of fun, and it will give your club a way to recruit new members or just showcase your club for the world to see. Remember that web pages can be seen all around the world as you build your website. Following these steps will help you build a website for you club.


Decide on a purpose for your club's web page. Are you going to use it as a method to communicate with your club members? Do you want to use it to recruit new members? Will it be a showcase of your club and club events? Perhaps you want it for a combination of reasons. Sort out the primary reasons you are creating the website before you start.


Determine who will be reading and viewing your web page. This will be partially determined by your answers to step one. Will you be focusing on other potential club members? Will the primary audience just be other club members who already know the basic information about the club? This will help you decide how much and what type of information you will need to include on the website. For example, if club members are your primary audience, you won't have to explain on the website what your club does. But if you want to showcase your club, you need to explain things like where you meet and what your club does.


Decide on the main theme for your website. Pick colors and images based on the audience and your club. For example, if you have an astronomy club, you can consider using stars in space as a background. If you have an economics club, you might use large dollar signs and green and white as your theme. Always think about your audience and use good contrasting colors. Black text on a white background is common because it works and people can read it---but don't be afraid to be creative with the rest of the colors and images for the site.


Draw a sketch of your web page. This is an important step. Try the web page out on paper to decide how you like it. Many websites are divided up into a top section with the title of the site; a left section with a menu of the site; and a main section on the right that shows the actual content for the site. Use your paper and pencil to draw more than one sketch and compare them to see which one you and other club members like the best. As you consider the content for your club site, keep in mind the purpose from Step 1. You can include the days, hours and location of your club meetings. You can include a section with photographs of your past club events. You can also just have pictures of your club meetings so everyone else can see what your club has been doing and what it is like to be at a club meeting. You might have a section for forums where your club members and possibly potential club members can have conversations about upcoming or past meetings.


Build the website and try it out. You can even make more than one sample and have the club members vote on which one they like the best. Show it around and seek comments from others to see if the site actually does what you intended it to do in step one. There are hundreds of programs that you can use to build your website. You might just use Microsoft Word and save the pages you design as a web page. You can use more complex programs like Hot Dog or Microsoft Expression to build the entire website. Or, if you are technically skilled, you might just use notepad and write the HTML yourself.

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