How to Choose a Text Only Web Browser

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Text only browsers can add a level of simplicity to your online activities. While text-only Web browsers aren't for everyone, they are perfect for Internet users who aren't interested in the images and graphics on the Internet today. If your computer has an outdated video or graphics card, using a text-only browser can help your computer function more effectively, too.

Install Cygwin

Visit the Cygwin Web site (see Resources below).

Click on the 'Setup.exe' link to download the installation file.

Double click on Setup.exe to run the program.

Click the 'Next' button in the window.

Continue to click 'Next' as you are guided through the installation. Click 'Next' for 'Choose a Download Source,' 'Select Root Install Directory,' 'Select Local Package Directory' and 'Select Your Internet Connection.'

Choose a download location in the window.

Select packages by clicking the 'View' button until you see 'Full.' Add packages by clicking them.

Click 'Next' to continue with your installation. You will be led through the automatic installation process.

Create a Desktop Icon for Cygwin

Create an icon for Cygwin to access it more easily. Once the installation is complete, you will be led to a 'Create Icons' page.

Click 'Create Icon on Desktop.'

Continue with the installation process and click 'Next' and then 'Finish.'


  • check Text-only Web browsers can be complicated to use, and aren't usually recommended for beginners. Based on its ease of use and installation, this guide has been written to walk you through the installation of Cygwin. You can also try Mira or Lynx, two other text-only browsers (see Resources).
  • check It can be helpful to store Cygwin's 'Set.exe' executable file in a separate folder for easy organization.
  • check Cygwin works on most modern versions of Windows, including Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • check For help using Cygwin, download the User's Guide or visit the FAQ page (see Resources below).


  • close Update your text-only Web browser when prompted to take advantage of added security measures. Updates generally include stronger security measures, as well as increased functionality.
  • close This guide was written using a PC with Windows XP. If you're running a different operating system, some steps may not apply.

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