How to Change a Business Address Listed on Google

by Jason Spidle

Google Local search results include a bevy of information concerning businesses, including hours of operation, services, user ratings and location. Occasionally, the business address listed by Google is incorrect either because of user error or because the business has moved, thus requiring a change in the business listing. Google makes it easy for business owners and Google users to submit modifications to the business address that will go through a verification process and ultimately result in the correction of the business address listed on Google.

Search on Google for the business name and city.

Click the map displaying the location(s) of the business search result.

Click on the map marker of the business requiring an address change.

Click "Edit" in the balloon that pops out of the map marker.

Click "Edit Details."

Correct the business address.

Click "Preview" to view the changes before submitting for verification.

Click "Save."


  • check If you are the business owner, you can also claim the business listing using the procedure described above, enabling you to edit information beyond just the business address. Click "Claim your Business" after selecting "Edit" from the map marker balloon to initiate the business claim process with Google.

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