How to Change the Browser on Your HTC EVO

by James Crider

The HTC EVO 4G is a Sprint smartphone running the Google Android operating system. With Android phones, just like with a laptop or desktop computer, you can install a third-party Internet browser if you don't like the standard browser included with the phone. To install a new browser (or any application), you can browse the Android Market using the Android Market app on your phone. You'll need to reset the default browser once you install a new one.


Press the "Power" button and slide the unlock tab towards the bottom of the screen. Press the "Home" button.


Tap the ^ button to open the application drawer. Tap "Market."


Press the "Search" button. Enter the name of a browser you want to download from the market, and then tap "Go." Some popular free Android browsers include Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile, Dolphin Browser HD, Miren Browser and Skyfire Web Browser.


Tap the browser you want to install. Tap "Free," and then "OK." Wait for the browser to download and install.


Press the "Home" button. Press the "Search" button and enter a query (it doesn't matter what you search for). Tap "Go."


Tap "Use by default for this action," and then tap the browser you just installed.


  • check If you don't like the browser you added, you can reset the default by uninstalling the app, or going to Settings>Applications>Manage applications. Tap the browser, and then tap "Clear defaults."

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