How to Change a Web Address

by EmmanuelR

When changing your web address, also known as URL, proceed cautiously. Every Web hosting provider will have a different administrator page to access your Web hosting settings, also known as the cPanel, which will provide all the tools you need to change your Web address. Follow a few simple steps to change your password; note that the steps will vary depending on the provider.

Changing Your Web Address through

Access (see link in Resources section), and log in with your customer ID and password.

Click "My Account."

Under "My Products," click "Hosting."

Select the current website's domain name you want to change, then click "Launch."

In the subfolder "Settings," click "Domain Manager."

Check the box beside the current domain name, and select "Change Primary" to type in the new Web address.

Changing Your Web Address through

Access your account with your customer ID and password.

Click on "Domains" under the "Administrator" tab.

Select the domain you want, and click "Destination."

Click "Edit Destination," then pick the destination on your FTP server where your index file, your website's main page, will be located.

Click "Save" to save the changes. The domain name will point at the selected directory.


  • close Changing your Web address puts you at risk of losing search engine positioning and incoming links from other websites.
  • close Use only one domain name as your main Web address---especially when using If you desire to have several URLs pointing to your site, use the domain forwarding option in your cPanel.

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