How Can I Fix My Computer Bar?

by Suvro Banerji

The computer bar, also called the "task bar" in Microsoft operating systems, is traditionally located at the bottom of your computer screen. It consists of the "Start" button and a series of "Quick Launch" icons of your favorite programs. There could be many reasons why your computer bar may be missing from your screen . In most cases, it is due to system or user errors.

Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" to launch "Task Manager."

Click on "File" on the top bar of the "Windows Task Manager" dialog box.

Select "New Task (Run...)" This will open another a separate dialog box titled "Create New Task."

Type "Explorer" in the "Open" box. Hit "OK." This will restart Windows Explorer. Your computer bar should appear in its correct form at the bottom of the screen. If this doesn't work, go to step 5.

Move your cursor down to the bottom of your screen until it turns into a straight arrow with two pointed heads.

Drag the computer bar to bring it to its original location. If your computer bar is located elsewhere on the screen, drag it to the desired location.

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