How to Buy Advertising Space on a Website or Blog

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Interested in buying advertising space for your website or blog but feel overwhelmed by all the available advertising opportunities? With a little research, you can find the best advertising deals on the best websites. Online advertising is big business and can be expensive, but if you know where to look, what questions to ask and what rates to pay, then you can find some good deals.


Start by narrowing your search. Search for websites that are similar to your website. Do a Google search for your website and review some of the other sites that show up in the search results. Their visitors are more than likely to click on a link to a similar product than some off-the-wall product. If you sell or blog about vintage clothing, then look for similar sites that are related to vintage clothing.


Establish the Google Page Rank for any sites that interest you; the higher the PR the better the inbound link is for the search engines in ranking your own website PR. Download a free page rank checker and use it to evaluate potential sites for your ads. A high PR is a good indicator of traffic and inbound links.


Once you have narrowed your search, contact the webmaster and tell him that you are interested in advertising your website or blog with his site. If the site has a link with advertising rates, review the rates before making contact. Do not blindly pay the published rates without contacting the site first. Tell the webmaster that you have narrowed your search and you would like to advertise with his site. Send the webmaster a link to your website and sample banner so he can see your banner and website before any discussions. If he thinks the link is beneficial to his site, he may offer you some kind of special.


Request traffic statistics. You will want to know how many impressions and clicks your banner ad receives. Impressions are the number of times your banner is displayed on a webpage, whereas clicks are the number of times someone on your banner.


Ask for an additional free month or an additional amount of free impressions. The webmaster can say no but sometimes will offer up discounts or an extended advertising period.


  • check Don't buy without first doing your research.
  • check Contact other advertisers about their advertising experience with the website.

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