How to Get Your Business Recognized by Search Engines for Free

by Connie s Owens

You have worked hard at building your website, filling it with content and making it relevant to the niche and you still do not show up in the search engines. Ideally, you want to be found in the top 10, the first page of a search for your niche. One way is to purchase a sponsor spot for each of the major search engines. To have your business recognized by search engines for free takes a few extra steps that you can do yourself.

Free Listing in Search Engines

Your website will have more weight with the search engines when you register it with the Open Directory Project. The description of your site should target your niche and select keywords. See Resources for the link to sign up.

Research the keywords for your niche, including keyword phrases. The simplest program is an online resource provided by Google. The link is in Resources.

Create your meta tags with the description of your site, using your keywords and placing your targeted keywords or keyword phrases every seven words. The description should not be more than 160 characters.

Create relevant content, using your keywords and keyword phrases at the top of your site and the end of the site. The content should keep the keywords spaced at approximately 7 to 10 words, but be sure to not overload your site because search engines will view it as spam and ignore your site.

Use alt tags. The alt tag for all links and graphics is another element of your website that is recognized by search engines. When you fill in the alt tags, use your targeted keywords as part of your description. Remember to not use too many keywords; be sparing.

Keep your content fresh and relevant to your niche, and learn to use keywords and keyword phrases. Researching your niche for current topics and including this on your site will also help to keep your site in front of search engines for free.


  • check To get your business recognized by search engines free, you will want to continue to keep up with the latest information and content in your niche. The elements in your web page, including the footnotes, are important. Use keywords in your alt tags to links and as descriptions for your outside links. Use the links in Resources below for online tools to help with researching keywords and making meta tags for your website. If you do not have your own website and are using one of the many other services, such as blogs, keep your content rich with keywords and keyword phrases so the search engines will find you.

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