Build Your Own Playhouse on a Website

by Terrance Karter

A playhouse is a place where your kids can have their own space. With a playhouse, your kids can have somewhere that belongs to them, that they can take charge of and play in. You can design an actual playhouse where your kids can spend time, or you can make your kids an online playhouse at one of several sites.


Visit one of several online playhouse sites. There are lots, but a few are listed in Resources for you. Here, you can design a playhouse along with your children. At each of these sites, they can choose walls and ceilings, make them different colors and then choose avatars to play in the online houses. Some sites are educational and others are simply for fun, but all of them allow you to design a playhouse. Most of them can be operated by a child, too.


Follow directions found on the Lilliput Play Homes or Real Estate Pro Articles site, both of which are listed in Resources. Generally, the directions for a playhouse are typically the same. The directions include specific measurements for floors and walls, how to cut out windows, and tips about painting or designing the inside.


Use a site, such as those listed in Resources, to order a playhouse online. With the site’s online playhouse designers, you can come up with a playhouse that looks as you would want it to look. Then, you can preorder the house and it will be sent to you. After it arrives, you can follow the directions to put the pieces together.

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