How to Build a Freebie Site

by Candice Collins

It seems everyone has their own website these days, and with technology racing ahead at full speed, you need to be in the loop. Getting a website is great, but having and building your very own freebie website is even more satisfying. Everyone likes free! You can create your own multifunctional website that offers coupons of all types, ranging from health products to outdoor activities. Or create a specific genre of site pertaining to one interest (like clothes, fashion, or babies and home life) with savings tips and coupons to match your theme. Choose something that you know a lot about and can provide personal tips and information to help your readers.

Find free webhosting

Find free webhosting. Many sites offer easy-to-use, built-in editors that make it simple, even for those who are first-timers. Most of the free webhosts also offer lots of choices for templates to make it even easier. These are quite simple drag-and-drop type modifiers where all you have to do is add text and pictures. Lots of these free webhosts offer WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors that make it simple for those who don't know HTML. Here are some you could choose from:;;;;;;;;; and

Make your pages meaty.

Fill in the blanks and the meat of your page on your site by adding text, pictures or whatever you'd like to show the world. To make it easy, especially for the first-timers, choose a webhost that has the WYSIWYG editor or easy-to-navigate editors. Adding an "about us" or "about me" page is a plus, so that people can see what the main use of the site will be. Also, if you're creating a "freebies" website, make sure to add other pages, such as Free Offers, Coupons, FAQ (frequently asked questions), Terms and Conditions or similar type pages.

Affiliates are great $ makers.

Consider adding affiliate links, banners and pages to your website as they will generate money for you. An affiliate is also called a merchant, which basically means that you are helping to sell someone else's products or services and are getting a referral payment or a piece of the action on that sale. When your website's visitors click on the affiliate link, you earn money. If that visitor actually makes a purchase, you can earn even more money. Make sure to have a PayPal account before signing up with any affiliates. Most affiliates are easy to use and sign up with. Choose those that offer products or services similar to the theme of your webpage. Sign up with your email address, name, business information and what your site will be selling or offering, then follow their directions. After you've completed the sign-up process, use their links or banners to advertise on your site. Most affiliate websites are easy to navigate and have links to use on your page or code to copy/paste into your new webpage.

Quality information and updating your site is critical for return visits.

Update your site regularly with quality information, as return visits produce winning results. Most people will not come back to your site if the same information has been there forever and it's not been updated with new or interesting material. Keep on top of your site and add new widgets, blogs, media or whatever you think might draw more traffic to your site. The hip thing now is using SEO or search engine optimization of keywords on your pages to drive more traffic to the site. There is scads of information on this subject just waiting for you to employ on your site, and with a little time and ingenuity, you can make it a great site people will want to visit again and again.

Personalize your site.

Have fun creating your website, and it can be fruitful if done right. Remember, you can always improve your site over time, so don't expect it to be perfect the first go around. As they say, "Practice makes perfect."

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