How to Build a Commercial Web Site

by Joshua Duvauchelle

According to 1&1, the world's largest web hosting service provider, 64 percent of consumers would have sincere doubts about buying from a business without a website, or would switch to a competing business. Such statistics highlight the important for owning a commercial website to promote your small business. A commercial web site can also generate additional revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing. Learn how to build a commercial website to promote your company and make money online.

Determine the purpose for your commercial website. Individuals often build a commercial website for two reasons: to promote their company or small business and its services/products, or to create a new revenue stream and generate an online income. The former will often highlight the small business and feature product pages and methods in which the visitor can purchase items. The latter will typically center on content and information supported by advertisements. Both commercial website types are similar in their creation, though the actual design for the website may differ slightly.

Register for a web hosting account. Choose a professional web host plan that can handle a large amount of visitors and offers robust services and features that allow you to track visitors and website traffic. Various service providers offer economical hosting plans that serve the needs of commercial websites. Examples include GoDaddy and 1&1 (links in the Resources section).

Connect your FTP client with your web host account. You will need your domain name (provided with your hosting plan) and password to sync your FTP client with the online server. An FTP client allows you to manage your online files and upload new site files as you build your commercial website.

Create a new commercial web page. You may write the HTML code by hand if you are experienced with basic HTML, using a web design program such as Adobe Dreamweaver or a basic text editing utility. Alternatively, use an automated commercial website generator included with most website hosting plans (e.g., 1&1 provides tutorials and an automated program to help you create a professional website without knowing HTML code).

Upload the commercial website files to your website server using your FTP client.

Integrate affiliate marketing to make money online using your commercial website. Affiliate marketing works by giving you a small commission for selling a product or service. Various companies offer affiliate accounts to help you make money on the Internet by promoting their products. Choose a professional affiliate marketing program to avoid being scammed. Various reputable, online companies give independent publishers an opportunity to join their affiliate marketing. Examples include Amazon's Amazon Associates and Commission Junction (links in the Resources section). Insert your affiliate links into your commercial website to make money anytime a visitor buys the product or service.

Insert advertising, such as Google AdSense, into your commercial website. Google AdSense is one of the most popular third-party advertising programs. The advantage of using a third-party advertising program is that you do not have to manually find advertisers and manage their accounts. After inserting the Google AdSense code, Google serves relevant ads to your commercial website and pays you every time someone clicks on an ad.

Promote the commercial website you've built to gain more traffic and earn more money off of the affiliate marketing and advertising on your web pages. Build organic traffic by requesting links from other relevant commercial websites so that visitors have an increased chance of finding your page.

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