How to Block Adult Content Websites

by Eric Hammer

Blocking adult content websites is never a fool proof experience. There will always be sites that manage to slip through and sites that are perfectly legitimate which get blocked. Given the sheer number of websites that exist, no matter how good a method one uses for blocking adult content web sites, some objectionable content will always get through. That said, there are several methods parents can use to minimize the chances of exposure to such sites when their children are surfing the web.

Turn on Google Safe Search

Open your favorite browser and surf to the main Google page.

Click "Settings" along the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Scroll down to "Safe Search Filtering" and select "Use Strict Filtering."

Click "Save Preferences." Google will now block any websites that contain either explicit images or explicit text. Note that these sites can still be accessed by entering the URL into the address bar of your browser. Google will simply not show them when you search.

Install FoxFilter

Open the Firefox web browser (note: if you have a different browser, consider switching to Firefox as it provides a safe surfing option).

Visit the FoxFilter website (see under Resources).

Click "+ Add to Firefox."

Click "+ Accept and Install."

Restart Firefox. FoxFilter should now be running and will block most obscene content. You can change what it blocks by choosing from the various preferences. To get there, click "Tools" and select "FoxFilter Settings."

Install AntiPorn

Visit the AntiPorn website and click "Free Download."

Click "Download Now (3.27M)."

Click "Save" to save the file. Note: If you are asked whether you want to allow the download, click "Yes."

Click "Open." The AntiPorn software will open.

Click "Next," then "Next" and then "Install."

Enter a password only you would know. Click "Next."

Click "Finish."

Click the "Start" button.

Click "All Programs." Click "AntiPorn" and select "AntiPorn settings."

Select the sensitivity of your desired blocking using the on-screen menu. Note that if you choose to keep AntiPorn installed, you will have to pay $24.95 for it.


  • check You may also be able to get a special filtering service from your ISP. Contact the service and ask if it has a service to filter objectionable websites automatically from your home. This is likely to be the strongest blocking feature you can get.
  • check Note that most of these options will work equally well on a Mac. However, parents who wish to use strong filtering similar to that of AntiPorn may wish to consider the Bumpercar browser (see under Resources).


  • close No matter what you do, if your children are determined to get around your blocking software, they will likely find a way. Be sure to monitor your child's activity online to avoid these problems.

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