How to Become an Internet Marketer

by Jenny Carver

Internet marketing is a way of making money by using only the Internet. While there are many ways to successfully make money online, there are some things everyone needs to know before trying to become an internet marketer.

Choose a niche you you enjoy working in. Many internet marketers waste months looking for popular niches, then end up working in niches they enjoy because it is easier. If you have a passion for golf even if you have no professional experience, work in the golf niche.

Get at least two email addresses. One is used for communication and the other is to use when signing up for newsletters, reports and other things when checking out the competition. Using your name in your address is not recommended, since you may want to specialize in a different niche later. Once people associate your real name with the golf niche, you will have a hard time presenting yourself as an expert in a different niche.

Set up a Paypal account. Almost all online payments are done through Paypal, which can be routed directly to your bank or credit card account. This allows for payments to be made to you and for you to buy products without having to give personal information.

Choose what area of marketing you want to pursue. You can create an information product or become an affiliate for products created by others. There is unlimited potential in both areas, so if one fails or is not enjoyable, try the other.

Create a website to either sell your product or the affiliate product. You can obtain hosting and a domain name from a number of companies, including a site builder to build your site. Most Internet marketers have more than one site.

Sell your product or affiliate product by creating traffic to your site. Do this by writing keyword articles with links to your page and submitting them to article directories, submitting press releases to the appropriate sources, creating web content on your site using SEO (search engine optimization), participating in forums within your niche (with a link to your site in the signature line or in your profile), buying ads using pay-per-click and trading links with other sites. When used appropriately, these methods can create tons of traffic.

Repeat the process once you see some success. One website may make you a small amount of money every month, but having multiple sites can add up to a nice monthly income. Online marketers make sites and then leave them alone once good traffic is coming in. This creates a passive buy steady income stream.

About the Author

Since 1997 Jenny Carver has served as editor and freelance writer for many offline and online publications including,, "Hoof Beat News," "Import Tuner" and others. Carver owns a custom automotive shop where she has been doing paint and body work, custom interior work and engine building for over 11 years.

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