How to Become a Cable Service Provider

by Nicole Thomas

Cable providers have a firm knowledge of running wires and cables for television and high-speed Internet connections. They're able to fix things by driving out to an owner's home or even working remotely if the issue is something they can fix right at the office. However, becoming a service provider means a lot more than knowing which end of the cable to connect to a television set.

Get an education. This covers things such as your high school diploma, prior experience, a degree in electronics as well as certification. If you don't have any prior experience and you're new to the cable installation world, you may want to try for a position at an established provider. Than you can use what you learned there to start your own cable business.

Make room for your equipment. You can't just grab a large server and call it done. You'll need enough room for your first server, a powerful wireless connection, a computer as well as room for expansion. You may start out small, but you wouldn't want to have to move all of your equipment to the basement just because you didn't make enough room for customer needs.

Purchase a powerful server to start out. Remember, it needs enough bandwidth to supply your first handful of customers. Then, as you grow, you'll have to purchase more units.

Decide on you customer support. To compete with the big boys it'll have to be 24/7 through Internet chat as well as an 800 number. You'll also need a website that lists your location and contact information as well as common problems and how to fix them at home.

Set a price. Again, you'll have to make it so you're in competition with the big names in your area. You can base your price on equipment, upgrades, overhead, traveling to customer homes and a flat hourly wage for yourself. If you have staff, you'll have to factor their pay and health insurance into your pricing as well.

Market yourself. Most potential customers won't know your Internet services are available unless you tell them. Get some ads going online or in the local paper, do a few interviews to build interest and have friends and family spread the word. News of your services will start slowly, but if you keep your prices low and your performance high, the customers you already have may suggest you to their friends.

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