Irresistible Family Photo Ops Your Friends Will "Like"

by Esther Carlstone

When posting family photos on Facebook or Instagram, do you wonder if your friends will “like” it? Or will they just scroll past without a second glance. (We've seen one, we've seen 'em all, right?) Here are eight simple tips to turn an everyday family snapshot into a showstopper.

Omit Faces

Look beyond faces for a unique shot

Think outside the box. Images of just hands, feets, or even shadows often pack a real emotional punch. Photographer Tom Robinson’s “Feet First” series is a perfect example of how effective this technique can be.

Go for a Candid Shot

Sure posing in matching clothes on the beach is nice and all, but what we all really love seeing is a completely spontaneous moment of joy (or tantrum) captured on camera.

Take a Father-Daughter Shot

There's nothing quite as special as a father-daughter moment

There’s something especially awww-worthy about a daddy and his little girl.

Choose Interesting Backdrops

The world is filled with creative backgrounds, you just have to look

Whether it's an industrial garage or a chevron rug, interesting backgrounds automatically elevate your photos from just OK to amazing.

Capture Your Kids Sleeping

Catching zzz's together is just about the sweetest shot ever

Whether it’s siblings napping together, a parent and child or even the entire family, there’s something so sweet and special about a photo capturing people in slumber.

Include Fun Props

The skies the limit with creative props

Who doesn’t “like” one of those pics with a giant empty frame as a prop?

Get Creative with Your Set Up

You can't take your eyes off of this

I mean, seriously?! How amazing is this? Why not show off your mad creative skills.

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