How Do I Block Certain Ads & Malware From My Computer?

by Bonnie Conrad

Whether you use your computer for business or strictly for home use, it is important to keep your PC protected. Users should never connect their computers to the Internet until they are certain those machines are current on all updates. It is also important to have a strong anti-virus program in place, as well as a way to protect against adware, spyware, key loggers and other pieces of malicious software, or malware.

Turn Off Pop-ups

Pop-up ads have been around nearly as long as the Internet itself, and many businesses still use these ads to promote their products and services. Even though many Internet users find these ads very annoying, they are often remarkably effective, and that, no doubt, is why they are still around. Fortunately, there is a way to turn these annoying ads off and regain control of your computer's desktop. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, simply click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Pop Up Blocker" from the menu. From there you can turn on the pop-up blocker to prevent those annoying ads from appearing. Firefox users can turn off pop-up ads by clicking on the "Tools" menu and choosing "Options" from the menu. Click on the "Content" tab and check the pop-up blocker.

Install a Variety of Spyware-Fighting Tools

In order to keep spyware, adware and key logging programs at bay, it is important to apply a number of malware-fighting tools. While it is generally not recommended that computer owners use more than one virus-protection program, the same is not true of spyware and adware fighting utilities. In fact, it is a good idea to install more than one of these programs on your computer. Often a particular piece of malware will be picked up by one program but not another, so look for free adware and spyware fighting tools like AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Be sure to keep these programs up to date by turning on the automatic updates feature, and be sure to run regular scans to make sure your system is free of these malicious programs.

Keep Your System Updated

Installing regular updates, patches and service packs on your computer is another important part of keeping our computer protected from annoying ads, dangerous spyware and other common problems. The best way to stay protected is to turn on the automatic updates features by right-clicking on "My Computer" and choosing "Properties" from the menu. From there, simply click on the "Automatic Updates" tab and turn on the automatic updates feature. You can specify a time to download and install the updates so that your computer stays protected without interrupting your workday. If you prefer, you can also manually install needed updates by going to the Windows Update website.

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