How to Work a Bluetooth CE0678 Mirror

By Michelle Varsallona

Work a Bluetooth CE0678 Mirror
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The BlueAnt Supertooth CE0678 Bluetooth receiver creates a speakerphone system for your car. This is useful if your car does not have the capability to pair with a Bluetooth phone. The Supertooth creates a connection with your Bluetooth capable cell phone and works in place of a Bluetooth headset but with speaker capabilities. You need only to talk in your car normally for the Supertooth to pick up your voice so you can speak with people.

Pair the Supertooth with your phone. Power on the Supertooth by pushing in the microphone shaft until you hear a click. A light will start blinking red and blue to indicate it is in pairing mode. Set your phone into discovery or "search" mode under the Bluetooth options. Choose "ST LIGHT" from the list of devices that appears on the phone and enter "0000" when prompted for a passkey to complete the pairing.

Set the Supertooth up in your car. Attach the metal clip to the driver's side visor of your car. Connect the device to the metal clip. The clip and Supertooth are magnetic so it attaches without hassle and can be moved easily.

Use the device. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and turn on the Supertooth's Bluetooth. Make a call by dialing it normally on your phone, which will transfer the audio to the Supertooth, or use voice dial by pressing the "Accept" button and saying the created voice dial tag, which can be set up on your cell phone. Answer a call by pressing the "Accept" button and end or reject a call by pressing the "End/Reject" button. Redial the last number by pressing "Accept" for three seconds. Use the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons to increase and decrease the volume.