What Is Bluetooth Wireless Technology?

by Kathryn Hatter

Bluetooth wireless technology is wireless connection within short distances that enables electronic devices to be connected for the transfer and sharing of data as well as voice signals. Bluetooth technology is powerful and relatively inexpensive, which means that it has become very popular among computer-savvy people. Learn the fundamentals of what bluetooth wireless technology is, and explore how you can utilize this useful method of connecting wirelessly.


Bluetooth was released in 1998 with the planned purpose of replacing wired technology in data and voice transfers.

Fun Fact

The people who developed bluetooth technology initially named it "Bluetooth" as a secret code, but the name held over time.


Bluetooth inventors want to establish a universal language recognized by all electronic devices.


Bluetooth technology operates on a frequency that is the same as cordless telephones, WiFi and other wireless electronic devices.


Devices enabled with bluetooth capabilities must be configured to understand specific bluetooth profiles of other devices in order to connect to each other.


Bluetooth has become a wireless standard. More devices will be modified to use this technology, and manufacturers will be looking for new ways to make their products bluetooth compatible.

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