How to Watch an ISO File Movie

By J.M. Chanel

Watching an ISO file movie may require burning a DVD-R disc.
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When downloading videos from the Internet, you may run into a file type known as ISO. These files are not videos but contain the full information of a DVD disc for convenient burning. If you have downloaded a DVD movie that is an ISO file, there are two ways to watch the video contained inside of the file. You can either burn it to a DVD-R disc or install a third-party program that will allow you to open the ISO file and watch the video contained inside.

Burn the ISO image to a DVD-R

Insert a blank DVD-R into your DVD burner drive.

Open the DVD burning program you have installed on your computer. Most burning programs, including Nero Burning Rom, should be able to open and burn ISO files.

Click "File" and select "Open."

Locate the ISO file in the browser window that appears. If it is not available for selection, click the arrow beside "File Type" and select "All Files."

Click "Open."

Adjust burning speed settings and then click the "Burn" button.

Insert your DVD-R disc back into your DVD drive after it finishes burning. You will now be able to open the video files contained inside of the ISO file using a DVD video player program.

Open Video Files With a Media Player

Install a media player that is capable of opening ISO image files. Popular free choices include VLC Media Player, Total Video Player and SUPER (see Resources).

Open VLC Media Player (or another video player with ISO file capabilities).

Click "File" and select "Open File."

Locate the ISO file you are trying to watch and click "OK."