How to Use Two Bluetooth Headsets at the Same Time

By Fred Decker

Bluetooth wireless technology is widely used in consumer electronics for headphones and a variety of other accessories. Although Bluetooth has many positives, one minor shortcoming is its inability to support multiple headsets on a single device such as a smartphone or iPod. If you want the ability to share music with a friend, or watch a movie together on your tablet, you'll need to use third-party products. Some are specific to Apple products, while others work with any device that has a standard stereo headset jack.

Kokkia i10

Step 1

Turn off the Bluetooth feature on any devices in your immediate area, including the iPod, iPad or iPhone you want to connect with. Turn off the Apple device you want to connect with.

Step 2

Power up your Apple device. Set your first Bluetooth headset into pairing mode, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3

Insert the i10 into your Apple device's 30-pin connector. If your device has the newer Lightning connector, use an appropriate adaptor. The blue LED on the i10 will flash rapidly for several seconds. When it slows to a slow blink, your headset is paired.

Listen to a few seconds of music to verify you've got a good connection. Place the second headset in pairing mode, and wait until the LED returns to its slow blink. Both headsets should be functioning.

Bluetooth Transmitters

Step 1

Insert a stereo headset splitter or Y-cable into the headphone jack on your tablet or audio device. If your device has Bluetooth capability, ensure it's turned off.

Step 2

Plug a lightweight Bluetooth transmitter from a manufacturer such as Jaybird, Kokkia or Miccus into one side of the splitter.

Step 3

Place your first headset into Bluetooth pairing mode, then activate pairing mode on your Bluetooth adaptor. Wait until your adaptor shows it's paired, usually by a visual signal such as a blinking LED becoming steady. For example, with the Miccus Mini-Jack the LEDs will change from a rapid red-and-blue blink to a slow blue-only blink.

Connect the second Bluetooth adaptor to the other side of the splitter or Y-cable, and repeat the pairing process. Play a few seconds of music or audio to verify that both headsets are paired and working properly.