How to Use Two Bluetooth Headsets at the Same Time

by Fred Decker
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Bluetooth wireless technology is widely used in consumer electronics for headphones and a variety of other accessories. Although Bluetooth has many positives, one minor shortcoming is its inability to support multiple headsets on a single device such as a smartphone or iPod. If you want the ability to share music with a friend, or watch a movie together on your tablet, you'll need to use third-party products. Some are specific to Apple products, while others work with any device that has a standard stereo headset jack.

Kokkia i10

Step 1

Turn off the [Bluetooth](https://itstillworks.com/13579495/what-is-bluetooth) feature on any devices in your immediate area, including the iPod, iPad or iPhone you want to connect with. Turn off the Apple device you want to connect with.

Step 2

Power up your Apple device. Set your first Bluetooth headset into pairing mode, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3

Insert the i10 into your Apple device's 30-pin connector. If your device has the newer Lightning connector, use an appropriate adaptor. The blue LED on the i10 will flash rapidly for several seconds. When it slows to a slow blink, your headset is paired.

Listen to a few seconds of music to verify you've got a good connection. Place the second headset in pairing mode, and wait until the LED returns to its slow blink. Both headsets should be functioning.

Bluetooth Transmitters

Step 1

Insert a stereo headset splitter or Y-cable into the headphone jack on your tablet or audio device. If your device has Bluetooth capability, ensure it's turned off.

Step 2

Plug a lightweight Bluetooth transmitter from a manufacturer such as Jaybird, Kokkia or Miccus into one side of the splitter.

Step 3

Place your first headset into Bluetooth pairing mode, then activate pairing mode on your Bluetooth adaptor. Wait until your adaptor shows it's paired, usually by a visual signal such as a blinking LED becoming steady. For example, with the Miccus Mini-Jack the LEDs will change from a rapid red-and-blue blink to a slow blue-only blink.

Connect the second Bluetooth adaptor to the other side of the splitter or Y-cable, and repeat the pairing process. Play a few seconds of music or audio to verify that both headsets are paired and working properly.


  • The Kokkia i10 is limited to use with Apple's iOS devices, because it connects to Apple's proprietary connector. A headphone splitter combined with two separate Bluetooth transmitters will work on any device with a standard headphone jack.

Items you will need

  • Kokkia i10 Multistream Bluetooth transmitter
  • 30-Pin to Lightning adapter (optional)
  • 2 Bluetooth headsets
  • Stereo headphone splitter or Y-cable

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