How to Use RAR Password Recovery

By Ty Arthur

Use RAR Password Recovery
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The Roshal Archive system allows you to compress multiple large files into one smaller space so that the files can be easily stored or transferred. To restore the files to use them, you will need to decompress the archive with an RAR-extraction program. Many RAR programs allow you to set a password on the archive so that no one can access your files. If you have forgotten your password, you can use a program such as RAR Password Recovery to unlock the archive.

Click "Open" at the upper-left corner of the RAR Password Recovery window. Navigate through your computer's folders and locate the RAR archive you need to unlock.

Click the name of the RAR file and select "OK." Open the "Attack Method" dropdown box and select "Brute Force."

Select the "Maximum Length" field at the left side of the window. Type in the maximum number of characters that could be in the password.

Scroll down to the "Allowed Characters" heading. Click the check box for each type of character that might be in the password--numbers, uppercase letters and special symbols. Click all of the boxes if you don't know what type of characters are in the password.

Click the "Start" button at the top of the window. Wait for the program to finish running and then check the "Password" heading to find the RAR file's password.

Return to the program's main screen and choose "Dictionary Attack" from the Attack Method menu if you didn't find the password using the Brute Force method.