How to Hack

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

A hacker is a person who legally breaks into a computer system to identify the security flaws in that system. A hacker is someone companies hire to enter such systems and resolve these issues. People who hack into computer systems with malicious intent are actually known as "crackers"--this is not hacking. Read on to learn more.

Learn how to program. Start with a program such as "Python," but learn many programs and the basics of programming.

Install Unix on your computer. There are many operating systems out there, but this one is the easiest and best to use if you're going to hack.

Teach yourself how a computer system works. There are no schools to learn to hack. There is a site called Hack this Site where you can go to train and test your hacking skills.

Practice your skills on a project. Rewrite the program with subtle changes. You should be able to gain access to a file, program or data base that is protected while remaining oblivious to others working on this project.

Submit your resumes to companies that need hackers. Some choices are large companies, banks and government agencies but this list is not all inclusive.

Hack into the computer system of the company you work for after it hires you. Attempt to access records that are password protected. Your company contract outlines exactly what hacking duties you must perform for the company.

Report your findings to the company. You must hack the computer system while remaining totally invisible to others working in the system. Identify the security flaws and ways to patch these flaws so not even you can hack into the computer system again.


Hacking is illegal. Don't hack into any computer system unless you have a contract with that company to do just that.

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