How to Use a Computer to Make a Bluetooth Phone Call

by Shannon Johnson

In today's busy world, technologies need to be integrated to make us more efficient in our tasks. Bluetooth technology allows us to sync up our most trusted devices for this purpose. All new models of mobile phones have Bluetooth capability and they can all be synched to a desktop or laptop. Now, with some telecommunication hardware and/or software, your phone and computer, you can place a call to anyone, anywhere from the convenience of your computer.

Check your computer to see if you have Bluetooth capability. In Windows, go to the Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Bluetooth Devices. If you do not see Bluetooth listed here, you do not have the technology built-in and will need to purchase an external USB Bluetooth Adapter, however most new models will have it built-in.

Set up a new device. To add a new device, such as your mobile phone, your Bluetooth must be activated on both your computer and the device (this known as pairing). Now the device can be made "discoverable."

Select Bluetooth Devices from the Control Panel in Windows (Mac users will select System Preferences > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Preferences). You will be prompted to select the discovered device to pair (you may have multiple devices such as a printer, scanner, camera, PDA, etc.). Bluetooth adapters can generally read devices within a 33-foot (10 meter) range.

Click "Add" inside the Windows prompt to add your device. A selection of the discovered device types will appear and you will select your mobile phone (Mac users will have a similar prompt). Once the selection has been made, the computer will attempt to pair with the device. It will prompt you to input a pairing keychain. The keychain you input must match what is shown on your device. If you are having difficulty pairing, refer to your Bluetooth Adapter user manual for troubleshooting.

Install and Open the Bluetooth PC dialing software of your choice. There are several on the market including PC Dialer 2.0, Blue Phone Elite 2, and BlueSoleil (Mac users can also dial directly from Address Book). You can now call through you phone directly from your PC.


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  • close Bluetooth technology is not considered secure and it recommended that you do not use it to transfer sensitive information.

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