How to Use a Bluetooth Mouse With Multiple Computers

By Ricardo Barboza

A wireless Bluetooth mouse can be used with each of your computers.
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Most computers are now compatible with Bluetooth mice, which are often preferred over traditional wired mice because there are no wires that can be easily tangled or damaged. If you have multiple computers that support Bluetooth and do not want to buy any extra mice, you can always use the Bluetooth mouse on each of them. This requires that you pair the mouse with each computer, which enables you to use the mouse with them.

Step 1

Insert a Bluetooth adapter into your computer's USB port. You do not need to do this if your computer already has built-in Bluetooth support.

Step 2

Turn on your Bluetooth mouse. Go to one of your computers, click the "Start" menu and click "Control Panel." Type "Bluetooth" in the top search bar.

Step 3

Click "Change Bluetooth Settings" and go to the "Options" tab. Check the boxes next to "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer," Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer" and "Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect." This enables discovery mode, which allows your computer to find your Bluetooth mouse.

Step 4

Click "Add Bluetooth Device" in Control Panel. Select your mouse and click "Next."

Step 5

Choose a pairing method to use with your mouse. You can select "Create a pairing code for me" to have Windows generate an eight-digit key to enter when pairing the device, "Enter the Devices pairing code" if the mouse already has a code or "Pair Without a Code" to not use a pairing code for the mouse. Click "Next."

Step 6

Follow the instructions. During the process, Windows exchanges the pairing codes, and installs the drivers for the mouse. Click "Close" when this process is completed.

Step 7

Repeat this process for any other computer that you would like to use the mouse with. You can now use the mouse with any of them.