How to Use a Bluetooth Mouse & Headphones at the Same Time

By Steve McDonnell

You don't have to worry about wires when you use Bluetooth headphones.
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Bluetooth technology uses very little power and doesn't require a direct line of sight between devices. This makes it ideal for a device such as a mouse or headphones. A single Bluetooth device can communicate with up to eight different devices within about a 30-foot radius simultaneously. It randomly chooses from 1,600 different frequencies every second to minimize interference among devices. To use your Bluetooth mouse and headphones at the same time, simply turn them on and pair them with the Bluetooth adapter on your computer.

Install Mouse

Step 1

Click Start and "Control Panel." Click in the Control Panel Search box and type "Bluetooth".

Step 2

Click "Add a Bluetooth device" under Devices and Printers. Make your mouse discoverable by pressing and holding Bluetooth button until the light flashes at a constant speed. Wait until the mouse appears in the Add a Device window.

Step 3

Click the mouse in the Add a Device window and click "Next." Click "OK" to finish installing your mouse. Test the mouse to make sure it works properly.

Install Headphones

Step 1

Click "Add a device" again from the Devices and Printers menu. Turn off your headphones. Hold down the Bluetooth button on your headphones, turn them on and wait until the light flashes at a steady pace.

Step 2

Locate your headphones in the Add a device window. Click to highlight them and click "Next."

Step 3

Enter a PIN code if prompted to pair the headphones and the computer. Enter "0000" if you don't know what the PIN code is -- this is usually the default code for Bluetooth devices such as headphones.

Step 4

Click "OK" to finish installing your headphones. Test the headphones to make sure they work properly. Use the mouse and the headphones at the same time to verify you can use them simultaneously.