How to Use a Bluetooth Headphone

by Lucy Dale

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect a portable electronic device, such as a telephone or MP3 player, to a listening device without the use of cords. Bluetooth goes beyond the simple earpieces many consumers are familiar with; Bluetooth headphones go in both ears, rather than just one, and may or may not include a microphone. Using a Bluetooth headphone requires initial set-up and minor adjustments before you can enjoy its convenience.

Pair your headphones with your portable electronic device. Your phone or music player will have a menu to detect new devices. Look at your headphones and find a sticker with the pairing code, which should consist of a series of numbers. With your headphones close by, select the option on your phone or MP3 player labeled "Search for devices." After the device has identified the headphones, enter the pairing code you found on the sticker.

Charge your headphones. Because they do not use wires, Bluetooth headphones cannot use the energy provided by your portable electronic device to operate. Headphones will not come fully charged. Plug them into an electric socket with the charger that accompanied them. Most headphones will fully charge within an hour.

Turn your headphones on. Bluetooth headphones, unlike traditional headphones, have a "Power On/Off button." Press this button once to turn on your headphones.

Test your headphones. After they are fully charged, put your headphones on and begin to play a song or make a test phone call with your device. Keep in mind that most headphones have a maximum range of 10 feet, so keep them close to the device as you are testing them.

Turn off and recharge your headphones. When you are not using your headphones, make sure you turn the power off by pressing the "Power On/Off" button. Charge them whenever possible to ensure that they are functional when you need them.

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