How to Use Bluetooth on a Desktop PC

by Mandy Slake

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows users to connect devices together, including computers. Using a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard or mouse can cut clutter on your desktop, and a Bluetooth headset allows you to talk on the PC without worrying about wires. A PC can connect to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, but before you can start using your device, you need to connect it.

Step 1

Insert a [Bluetooth](https://itstillworks.com/13579495/what-is-bluetooth) adapter into your computer's USB port, if the computer doesn't have one built in. Windows will find drivers for the device and install them automatically.

Step 2

Make the Bluetooth-enabled device you want to connect to your computer discoverable. This will vary depending on the device, so refer to the manual if you're not sure how.

Step 3

Click the "Start" button on the Windows task bar, then select "Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Bluetooth Devices" to view the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Click the "Add" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Type in the Bluetooth passkey. Some devices have a default passkey of 0000 or 1234. With others, you manually generate a key by typing it in on the device. Once the process is complete, you are ready to start using your device.


  • If you are adding a Bluetooth printer, click the "Printers" button from the Bluetooth Devices windows and select "Add a Printer."

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