How to Use Bluetooth on a Canon MX330

By Chris Waller

Having a printer connected to your computer can be a good way to create documents and photos, but it can be a hassle to move these files from your phone to your computer for printing. The Canon MX330 is a model of printer with built in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect directly with your smartphone. Once the two devices are connected, you will be able to print off photos and documents straight from your phone without connecting it to a PC.

Turn on the MX330 by pressing the "Power" button. Wait for the machine to come on, then add paper into the paper tray. Connect the Bluetooth unit to the connection point located at the bottom right side of the printer. This unit must be connected in order for you to establish a connection between your phone and printer.

Turn on your phone and wait for the operating system to load. When it is ready, open up your settings and go to the Bluetooth menu option. Choose the "Enable Bluetooth" option and you will see a list of available devices you can connect to. Look for the "Canon" option followed by a series of numbers.

Select the "Canon" printer from the list and press the "OK" button on your phone to establish a connection. This may take a few moments the first time. If you are prompted to enter a pass code, type in four zeros and press "OK." Wait for confirmation on the phone that the devices are connected.

Open up the application on your phone that uses the file that you wish to print. Open the file, then access the menu for this application. Choose "Print" from the options menu and select the number of pages from the window that appears. You may not see the "Print" option until you have connected the two devices.