How to Use Bluetooth on Acer Laptops

By Jaime Avelar

Updated August 23, 2017

Bluetooth is a wireless technology available in almost any communication device used to transfer information. Knowing how to enable and use Bluetooth on your Acer laptop can save you time when synchronizing with other devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. Most Acer laptops come with Bluetooth, but older models may not have the drivers installed.

Activating Bluetooth

Click the Windows Start button, select the “Control Panel," then “Hardware and Sound,” and click “Bluetooth Devices.” Identify the device your want to change, then select “Properties.” Select the “Services” tab and check the box next to the service to enable it. Click “OK.”

Click the “Options” tab in the “Bluetooth Devices” dialog box and select “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” to make your computer available to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Select “Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect” to inform you when a device wants to connect to your computer. Bluetooth is now enabled for your Acer laptop.

Installing Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 7

If you have Windows 8 or 10, Bluetooth drivers should be installed automatically if your laptop came with Bluetooth or if the operating system detects a Bluetooth device connected to a USB port.

Navigate to the Acer Download Web page (see Resources) to download and install a “Bluetooth” driver if it isn't included with your operating system. From the Acer Download Web page, select the "Acer Product Family," "Product Line" and "Product Model." From the "Operating System" drop-down menu, select your computer's operating system version. Select the "Driver" tab. The page shows available drivers. Select the "Bluetooth" driver, if available, for downloading. Follow the online directions for driver installation.