How to Update HP Drivers

by William Hirsch

A Hewlett-Packard (HP) desktop computer needs a number of hardware devices installed to operate effectively. Such devices include sound and graphics generating cards, a keyboard, a mouse, a processor and a CD or DVD player. All of these devices require a specific set of files called drivers to work. Drivers allow a hardware device to communicate with the other components of the PC. Frequently, with operating system upgrades or the addition of new hardware, these drivers must be updated. The device manager utility in Windows provides a fast and easy method for updating drivers.

Click the "Start" button located on the Windows desktop, then press "Control Panel." The Control Panel opens.

Click "System and Security," then "System" and finally "Device Manager." The Device Manager Tool launches. The Device Manager contains a list of all hardware devices installed on the PC, arranged in groups. For example, the "Display Adapters" option holds video card information, while "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" includes sound cards and video game pads.

Expand the category in which the device of interest resides with a click. Double-click the name of the hardware device. A Device Properties window opens.

Click the "Driver" tab within the Device Properties window and then press the "Update Driver" button. The Windows driver update wizard begins.

Click the "Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software" option from options in the driver update wizard. Windows searches the Internet for the most up-to-date driver available for the hardware device in question. Once located, Windows installs the new driver automatically.

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