How to Update the Drivers for an Acer Aspire

by Stephen Lilley

Every piece of hardware installed inside your Acer Aspire netbook has a driver that goes along with it. Periodically, hardware manufacturers update these drivers, improving the functionality of their equipment. Unfortunately, these drivers aren't just going to automatically update themselves. The manual update of each driver individually is required if all of your computer's hardware is to stay up to date.

Click "Start."

Click "Control Panel."

Click "Device Manager." A new window opens. In this window is one listing for every device driver on your Acer Aspire netbook computer. The name of the driver corresponds with the actual piece of hardware that it is associated with.

Right-click the Acer Aspire driver that needs updating.

Click "Update Driver Software" to update the driver on your Acer Aspire netbook computer.

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